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Essential Styles of Women's Shapewear and How to Wear Them

How to Wear Women's Shapewear

The best shapewear is all about giving a smooth finish to an outfit, no matter the size and shape. Thanks to new technology, shapewear has taken a more body positive approach to embrace and support curves, enhance assets and smooth the shape. They have become the key foundation in women's wardrobes.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to when you should wear them and how to wear them. Some women choose to wear shapewear every day because it helps build their confidence in their clothing, while others only opt to wear them for special occasions. When choosing shapewear, you have to consider the type of shapewear  and its compression level because not every shapewear is the same. Lightweight control shapewear is for smoothing instead of control. Its aim is to smooth out bulges and gives a streamlined finish. Lightweight control is ideal for everyday shapewear.

Medium control shapewear offers a bit more support and can be worn on most days. It is firmer and will emphasize and sculpt the curves more like a shaper dress. Firm control shapewear offers the most contouring and sculpting. Naturally it is a bit more restrictive but breathable and comfortable to wear, especially for special occasions.

The Different Types of Shapewear And How To Wear Them

Now that you understand more about the different compression level of shapewear, below are some tips on how to wear them under some key wardrobe essentials.

With many different styles and cuts available in the market, the correct piece of shapewear can either make or break your outfit. Check out these shapewear black friday sale right now and add them to your cart!


This bodysuit is suitable for all shapes and sizes. This all in one smoothing shapewear adds a light level of streamlining and is perfect for wearing under T-shirts or blouses because there is no need to worry about layers becoming untucked or bunching up.

Body suits power conceal everyday wear smooth

PowerConceal™ Everyday Wear Smooth Bodysuits

High Waist Panties

Control panties are your ally when it comes to wearing skinny or slim-fitting jeans and pants. This pair of high waisted everyday shaping panties offers a completely invisible look, feels like second skin and is light enough to wear all day.

Available in thong and panty style, it is made from recycled material and the two-ply materials provides firm control around the waist and back.

PowerConceal™ Everyday Shaping Underwear

PowerConceal™ Everyday Shaping Underwear

Mid Thigh Shorts

Shaping shorts create a sleek silhouette from the waist to the thigh. This pair of butt lifter shorts are a favorite for a reason. Its shaping zones target the tummy, sculpts the hips while the high waist eliminates the muffin tops.

The elastic waistband prevents rolling down and also unwanted movements. This power shorts are one of the best anti chafing shorts for wearing underneath skirts and dresses.

AirSlim® High Waisted Butt Lifter Shorts with 2 Steel Bones

AirSlim® High Waisted Butt Lifter Shorts with 2 Steel Bones

Tank Shapewear

This 3 in 1 shaping tank shapewear offers a firm fit to control from the bust down to the thighs. Its 360 degree body shaper is a bra, vest and corset in one. It is the ideal option for days when you really want to be pulled in. It has a built in wire free bra with U shape push up breast design for support and three front rows of hook and eye closures for a secured fit.

The high back coverage eliminates back bulges. This wide strap tank style shaper is best for wearing under bodycon dresses or wedding dresses.

AirSlim® 3 In 1 Shaping Tank Shapewear

AirSlim® 3 In 1 Shaping Tank Shapewear

Like what you see above?

It is time to upgrade your lingerie collection while scoring a sweet deal at the shapewear sale! :)

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